July 31st, 2021

Our new name & a VaxYes update

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Since our company was born in 2019, our team has been united around the mission of making modern healthcare easier to use and find. Navigating healthcare is a challenge everyone faces at some point in their life. For themselves and their family. Which doctor to visit. What treatment to choose. With the technology and knowledge at our disposal today, healthcare shouldn’t be this hard.


In the three years since we launched, we’ve enabled tens of thousands of Americans to understand, dispute, or pay their medical bills. We have also supported millions of people during the pandemic to care for themselves and their families through easy-to-use Covid-19 diagnostic testing. Recently we helped thousands create modern digital vaccine passports every day (across the country) to help them get back to normal. This is an incredible feat for any company, let alone a young one.


We’ve been blown away by our community's response to our platform. Importantly you have helped us gain a better understanding of the challenges Americans across the country face in navigating the healthcare system, and more drive to solve them.


Many have shared stories with us of lack of access to healthcare, years of skipping primary care, the challenges of navigating a healthcare system That seems focused on the financial interests of large corporate interests, not the patients. Not our community.


Today, we’re excited to announce the new name of our Company, GoGetDoc. 


While our name has changed, our mission hasn’t. We’re more dedicated now than ever before to help all Americans, everywhere, find and use modern healthcare. We’re dedicated to helping our customers and members leverage the power of technology and the community and numbers to get a better, more fair healthcare experience.


We want those who are jaded by decades of ever-worsening experiences with healthcare to find a platform that works for them. We want to empower our customers to get more of their healthcare jobs done securely, without the jargon and the mazes.


Getting back to normal with our vaccine passport solution VaxYes.


We built VaxYes because our community and members were shocked that in 2021 they had to carry proof of vaccination on paper, laminated in their wallet. With the support and feedback of users, VaxYes has grown to be one of the largest, secure, universal vaccine passports across the country. And it’s growing. Today we’re announcing that we have made VaxYes free forever, for everyone.


In addition, we’re announcing new features such as QR-based venue verification. This feature enables anyone requesting to see your original vaccine information to get securely access original documents.  We have more exciting updates coming for VaxYes, stay tuned.


We are more excited now than ever about the future, and what healthcare will look like for all of us.


Thank you for all your support

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