December 23rd, 2021

How the SymptomBot symptom checker helps you

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What healthcare need are you ignoring because you don't have time to get it checked out? Or because you don’t have an opinion that you trust?

Too many people are putting up with symptoms that are affecting their daily lives. For some, it’s headaches. Others, stomach aches. The consequences are real.

The National Institute of Health studied why people are avoiding care. It’s not a big surprise. The biggest factors are those common barriers to healthcare: cost, insurance, and time. These are problems that can be solved.


What is SymptomBot?

SymptomBot by GoGetDoc is the modern way for people to get a trusted result, then help them get the right care. Let's remove the barriers to feeling and living better. Improve your care experience. You can feel better. Stop letting things like chest pain or stomach pain linger.

The best part- it’s a free service. Now you’ll ask, why is SymptomBot free?

It’s an important part of how we believe we can change healthcare. Getting trusted answers to your symptom questions online should:

- Be easy to use 

- Be available anywhere, anytime 

- Lead you to effective treatment

- Be smart

- Save you time and money

Let's see how SymptomBot works.


SymptomBot is Easy to Use

How do you communicate with your friends, family, and coworkers? Written letters and books? Pretty sure you don't. What about WhatsApp, Messenger, and Slack? Welcome to the 21st century. 

SymptomBot is a smart AI chat service.  You'll answer a few questions, and quickly get an initial result. You don't have to read long paragraphs, digging through webpages and search results to find the sentence or two that applies to you. Now you'll have an informed, personalized result about your symptoms at your fingertips.

GoGetDoc members enjoy chat services because it makes it so much easier to communicate. Short, focused sentences. Immediate answers and no distractions.


SymptomBot is Available Anywhere, Anytime

Calling to schedule an appointment is a frustrating task for many. There aren't appointments when you're available, or when your pounding headache strikes at 9PM.

Have an internet connection? SymptomBot is there for you. Accessibility is tied to our use. So far, over 10,000,000 symptoms have been checked using the technology. All hours. Every day. Now you can stay at work or at home and avoid traffic to get the one available appointment. You'll get an initial result and treatment options in a few minutes.


SymptomBot Leads You to Effective Treatment

Understanding your symptoms is the first step of getting effective health care. For many who find results online, the amount of options shown in search results mean that symptoms may just get brushed off. Others overreact to the results. WebMD's or Mayo Clinic's Symptom Checkers are well known, but they don't get you what you actually need: care.

Using SymptomBot gives you clear options of what's next. Do you need to talk to a provider to get a prescription right now? Done. Is your symptom part of a bigger diagnosis, like food allergies? Get tests, results, and effective digital-first treatment in one place. Other online symptom searches fall short at these final steps where it actually matters. No more care dead ends can mean a happier, healthier you.


SymptomBot is Smart 

Your online diagnosis must be accurate, so SymptomBot provides 93% diagnostic accuracy. Why does this matter? An unnecessary trip to the ER for a bad diagnosis is expensive. Some headaches can be cured in a day. Others won't go away without the right care.

So, by getting an accurate initial symptom check, you can take the right steps. At the same time, a bad diagnosis can put you on the wrong path.


SymptomBot Saves You Time and Money

How much money can SymptomBot save you? Let's dig into numbers:

An initial symptom check with SymptomBot is free. It only takes 5 minutes. Let's see what you're saving: 

- According to a JAMA study, the average American accounts for $2,300 in wasted healthcare expenses in 2019. These costs include over-treatment, failure of care coordination, and failure of care delivery. 

- The American Journal of Managed Care found that it takes an average of 121 minutes to seek medical care. 37 minutes driving, 87 minutes at the office.

What can the average American do with another $2,300 and the time saved on seeking care? A lot. Dream big. This is revolutionary.

GoGetDoc is here to make modern health care easier for everyone to find and use. SymptomBot is a step in that direction. Get checked today. We can see you now.

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