November 17th, 2021

VaxYes is part of the new GoGetDoc platform

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Why does VaxYes look different?

People are using VaxYes across the United States and around the world. What started as a secure and modern way to save your vaccine card has turned into a movement that is allowing people to safely work, go to events, and travel. VaxYes has created a community of people who are doing amazing things in nearly every country. Being part of that journey has meant so much to us.

Along that journey, you’ve told us what you like about the GoGetDoc platform. That’s been amazing. You’ve also told us what opportunities we had to make it better. Well, we listened. So, since you see our new GoGetDoc platform, here are the reasons behind our big update:


Big things are coming from GoGetDoc

You know VaxYes, but you can get so much more from GoGetDoc. With the mission of making healthcare more accessible, we’re providing a number of health care-focused services aimed at saving you time, money, and stress. When you signed up for VaxYes, you became part of making healthcare more accessible anytime, anywhere. You know that easy-to-use, universal technology has the power to change lives for the better. Be a part of these great things.


Saving VaxYes to your Android

We’ve been aiming to provide Android users a solution that doesn’t require downloading a third party wallet app. Now, the dashboard provides Android users the ability to save their VaxYes card with the verified QR code to their phones. No third-party card or app required. 

You deserve the best experience, no matter your devices, so your feedback keeps us moving in the right direction. 


Camera + Image Issues

Along with the last note, some users had issues with the camera button appearing on their screen. Others mentioned photo file size limits due to their camera settings. This experience has been vastly improved with an increased file size and an easier to use in-app camera.


Login and Access Issues

Some users told us that they wanted a login experience that made them feel more ownership over their records, access to chat history and file updates, and fewer issues logging in. The new platform access is tied to your phone number, minimizes the information you need to log in, and gives you access to all of your GoGetDoc history in an easy-to-navigate member view. This change is one that will provide a number of users quick access to solving their problems and a much faster experience.


You can get so much more from GoGetDoc. As more changes, updates, and new products are available, you can be part of our beta testers and get early access to the best and latest in modern healthcare. Sign up here.


If now is not the right time to sign up, follow GoGetDoc across social media @gogetdoc, and join the conversation using #gogetdoc or #vaxyes.

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GoGetDoc works to make its website accessible to all. If you are having difficulty accessing this website, please email us at support@gogetdoc.com so that we can provide you with the services you require through alternative means.

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